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What Is Wattpad? Is It Safe For Your Kids?

Are your children big fans of fictional worlds such as Marvel, Harry Potter, The Lord of The Rings, Star Wars, and many others? Do they love making up tales utilizing their creativeness? If they’ve glorious stories to tell, you may want to familiarize yourself with Wattpad. As a parent, what is Wattpad? Is it safe for your kids?

What is Wattpad?

You are perhaps wondering, what’s Wattpad? It is a well-liked social media platform that permits users to share their artistic work with world viewers. The most typical genres on this app embody brief tales, poems, books, horror, fantasy, romance, and so forth. It is a place for those that love to get immersed in studying or writing tales.

How Does It Work?

All users should create a profile to start utilizing this platform. The technique of signing up is straightforward and simple to follow. Once you set up an account, you possibly can instantly begin sharing your work or reading others’ content.

Wattpad additionally permits its users to edit their work each time they need it. Users could share tales, photos, and different issues they like. You may publish feedback on others’ work and obtain critiques from worldwide viewers.

Users could enter Wattpad through its website or cellular utility to learn or write tales on the go. Now that ‘What is Wattpad?’ has been answered, the following logical query could be ‘Is it safe for teenage kids to use?’.

Is It Safe For Teenage Kids To Use?

According to Wattpad’s insurance policies, all customers have to be over the age of 13. However, it still raises red flags for parents. Their considerations relating to the inappropriate content are legitimate since there isn’t any precise filter or guideline to manage the form of materials posted on this platform.

In simpler phrases, any person can add whatever content they need. That opens doorways to an entire slew of risks. Any child could come through issues they shouldn’t be studying or seeing. Let’s have a look at what your kids may discover on this platform.

Risks of Using Wattpad

There are a number of issues you must watch out for as a parent. Your child could come through any of the following issues on this platform.

  • Violence

Wattpad has been concerned about the controversy of violent incidents, as reported by a parent. Your child could come through tales that embellish acts of violence. Therefore, one should preserve a cautious eye out.

  • Sexuality

Wattpad was reported for incidents of sexual violence as effectively. Many online predators have taken benefit of this platform to perpetrate horrific acts. Some parents have reported that online predators have lured and abused younger girls to commit sexual actions through Wattpad. Since kids over 13 can use this platform, parents should watch their online actions.

  • Cyberbullying

Some parents reported that the app doesn’t filter extraordinarily implied or impolite feedback. Therefore, as parents, we should take measures to mitigate the danger of cyberbullying.

  • Drinking and drug abuse

Since it’s an open platform with millions of worldwide customers, there’s a danger of getting launched to indecent strangers. A parent reported that their child was lured into drug abuse by a lone person on this platform.

  • Dark Stories/Fantasies

Sometimes people discover it therapeutic to pour their hearts out and uncover dysfunctional or darkish elements of their lives. However, younger minds are sometimes not robust/mature sufficient to deal with such subjects. For instance, the tales on consumption issues, sexual abuse, drug points, violence, and many others could discover their manner to your kids’ screens. Keeping a close watch on their actions is one of the simplest ways to defend them from such disturbing realities of life.

  • Promotion of Predatory/Sexual Relations

The world has no scarcity of sickos who benefit from glorifying predatory habits or incestual relations comparable to brother-sister, father-daughter, teacher-student, and so forth. Promoting such relationships as regular and acceptable (when they’re truly unlawful and immoral) is extraordinarily harmful to fragile younger minds. Kids could come throughout such tales and become involved in one thing really disturbing.

Mitigate These Risks With Parental Controls

The advantages of utilizing Wattpad outweigh the risks by a lot. However, the excessive depth of those risks begs the query – is it safe for teenage kids to use? Parents could take the bull by the horns and resolve what their kids shouldn’t enter. Let’s think about what measures you may take as a parent to nullify these risks.

  1. Educate Your Kids

The neatest thing you are able to do is to educate your kids concerning the existing dangers and their penalties. Talking to them as mates and letting them know what particulars they need to not share with the world helps. Personal knowledge comparable to identity info, bank card numbers, residential addresses, and so forth should be saved secret.

  • Review Privacy Settings

Ensure all confidential info, such as what school they attend, their date of birth, and many others stay hidden. Only enable identified mates or members of the family to view such info as an alternative to creating it public. To stop the specter of cyberbullying, set the feedback settings to just friends. In that way, no stranger would have the option to bully or exploit your child.

  • Utilize Parental Control Apps

If the query ‘Is it safe for teenage kids?’ remains to be lingering in your thoughts. Let me put it to relaxation. You could make it safer for your kids to use Wattpad by using a parental control app/software program. For instance, iKeyMonitor is a parental management app that permits you to filter out inappropriate materials, together with textual content, pictures, and videos. Your teenage kids wouldn’t have the option to enter any indecent content. Moreover, you possibly can manage how a lot of time they will spend on this app by limiting their display screen time.

How Can iKeyMonitor Help You Enhance Safety Features for Wattpad?

iKeyMonitor app might help parents be sure that it’s safe for teenage kids to use Wattpad. Here is an inventory of features that will give parents a way of management and peace of thought.

  • Internet Filter & Web History

iKeyMonitor’s internet filter is revered extremely amongst its users. It has intensive filtering capability and might block a wide selection of key phrases as well as indecent websites, pictures, texts, videos, and so forth. You may monitor your kids’ internet history and see if they try entry issues they need to not. Parents may select to obtain immediate alerts in case their kids strive to enter content associated with pornography, violence, drugs, weapons, gambling, and many others.

  • App Blocker & App Usage

These two options enable parents the liberty to stop their kids from losing their time on indecent purposes. You can block any app you deem unfit with its app blocker. On the opposite hand, app utilization perform helps you monitor how a lot of time your teenager is spending on a specific app. That helps you to modify their routine and restrict their utilization time if wanted.

  • Limit Screen Time

You can simply restrict your kids’ screen time with this function. Allowing kids to spend a set time on their devices helps them lead a greater lifestyle. It could assist them to enhance their focus on different actions, comparable as learning, sleeping, eating, spending high-quality time with household and mates, and many others.

In Other Words, …

The internet is an instrument. People could use it for good or unhealthy because it is dependent upon who makes use of it and for what function. It is undoubtedly the duty of parents to assist their kids to perceive the results of their actions. In the eagerness to sustain the most recent technological traits, one can’t afford to get caught up in the ugliness of the world. ikeymonitor might help you defend your kids from the horrific side of Wattpad. It can resolve the ‘Is it safe for teenage kids to use?’ question with ease. If your curiosity is piqued, check out all of the unbelievable methods it may make your life simpler.

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