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50 Text Abbreviations Every Parent Needs to Know

Have you ever found your kid texting bizarre phrases or unknown text abbreviations to mates? If you requested what “PAW, BRB” was, “that was a typo,” they’re likely fooling you.

As kids are fairly good at applied sciences, they’re unlikely to make so many typos in two phrases. In a teen’s world, “PAW, BRB” means “Parents are watching, I’ll be right back.” So, when you see them sending unusual abbreviations to another person, ensure it’s made on purpose.

As most teens hide their online activity from parents, they face a necessity to textual content safely, without you revealing their actual intents. They typically use acronyms to mislead parents and get the message delivered appropriately.

Teenage Texting Lingo: What Is an Acronym?

An acronym is an abbreviation that consists of the preliminary letters of a number of phrases, however, is pronounced as a single phrase.

Acronyms are extraordinarily standard amongst kids and teenagers as a result of their use of abbreviations on the Internet, particularly on social media. They additionally permit children to speak immediately, without typing lengthy items of textual content.

However, kids have one other good cause to make use of abbreviations and slang phrases in their messages. As teenagers know that parents control them, they use acronyms to maintain their conversations secret. It is a method that kids use to carry out restricted actions and forestall adults from overreacting.

If you’re the kind of parent who maintains asking themselves, “What does FTF mean in texting?” or “What does KMS stand for in texting”, maintain studying this text.

Texting Dictionary for Parents: 50 Abbreviations You Didn’t Know About

There are lots of acronyms that younger folks use when texting. They assist to shorten generally used phrases and encode data that kids need to conceal from their parents. Although some acronyms (similar to IMHO for “In my humble opinion” or YMMD for “You made my day”) are innocent, others (similar to KMS for “kill myself”) can provide you with a warning in regards to the hazard.

If you marvel at what a “thot” is or are confused about the actual SMH which means, this text is best for you. Below, you will see the highest 50 hottest texting codes parents ought to learn about.

General Acronyms

  1. AF — As f**k
  2. AFK – Away from keyboard
  3. AFAIK – As far as I know
  4. ATM – At the moment
  5. Bae — Significant other or crush
  6. Bih — Short form of b*tch
  7. BRB – Be right back
  8. BTW – By the way
  9. Cappin’ — Lying
  10. Dope — Something extremely cool
  11. Fam — Friends
  12. FINSTA — Fake Instagram account
  13. F2F or FTF – Face to face
  14. GB – Goodbye
  15. GLHF – Good luck, have fun
  16. IMHO – In my honest opinion
  17. KMS/KYS — Kill myself/Kill yourself
  18. OFC — Of course
  19.  OTP – On the phone
  20. SMH – Shaking my head
  21. TBH — To be honest

Acronyms for Parents

  1. CD9 — Parents around/Code 9
  2. KPC — Keeping parents clueless
  3. POS — Parent over shoulder
  4. PIR — Parent in room
  5. PAW — Parents are watching

Sexual Abbreviations for Texting

  1. ASL — Age/sex/location
  2. Body count — The number of people someone has slept with.
  3. Daddy — An attractive man, usually older, who conveys a sense of power and dominance
  4. DTF — Down to f*ck
  5. FBOI — F**k boy, a guy just looking for sex.
  6. FWB — Friends with benefits
  7. GYPO – Get your pants off
  8. GNOC: Get naked on camera
  9. Hentai — Graphic anime pornography
  10. LMP — Like my pic/lick my p***y
  11. LMIRL – Let’s Meet In Real Life
  12. NIFOC – Nude in the front of a computer
  13. Smash — Means to have casual sex
  14. Swoop — To be picked up in an automobile
  15. Skeet — To ejaculate
  16. TDTM — Talk dirty to me
  17. Thicc — Having an attractive body
  18. Thot — That ho over there, used instead of “slut”
  19. WAP — Wet ass p*ssy

Acronyms for Drugs

  1. 420 — Marijuana
  2. Broken — Hangover from alcohol
  3. CID — Acid
  4. DOC — Drug of choice
  5. Molly – (*50*)/MDMA

Emoji: Visual Acronyms that Parents Should Know About

In addition to teen internet abbreviations, teenagers typically use emojis to specific their ideas and emotions. Many parents take into account them to be innocent child stuff — humorous, shiny pics that aren’t well worth the consideration of an adult person.

Yet, some emojis have a very completely different which means when used by a teen. They are known as sexual emojis. Here are probably the most used emoji acronyms which have a very completely different means that they recommend:

  1. 🍆 — Penis
  2. 🍑 — Butt
  3. 🌮 — Vagina
  4. 💦 — Ejaculation
  5. 🌶️ — “Hot stuff,” inappropriate content
  6. 👅 — Often stands for oral sexual activity
  7. 😈 — Naughty
  8. 🤤 — Sexual desire sent in response to nude pics
  9. 🍒 — Breasts/testicles
  10. 🍃 — Weed
  11. 👻 — Ghosted (when someone is dumped without explanations)
  12. 👉👈 — Shy about flirting
  13. 💯 — Means “I agree”

I Know the Meaning of Text Acronyms for Parents: What Now?

Now, you realize so much about texting abbreviations that teenagers use online. Although you don’t have to trouble yourself with a query, “What does TCH mean in texting?” or search for the which means of bae, the hazard remains to be there.

If you need to stop your child from sexting with strangers on social media or moving into harmful online challenges, it’s not sufficient to know teen slang and acronyms. To defend your child from speaking with online predators on the Internet, you should know when precisely your child makes use of an acronym and who the recipient is.

A confirmed option to discover is by utilizing a parental management app, similar to ikeymonitor. After you put the app on your child’s cellphone, you need to use a keylogging characteristic that data keyboard strokes in your child’s gadget and lets you:

  • Find out in case your child is trying to find inappropriate content material online (drugs, alcohol, sex, and many others)
  • Set restricted key phrases
  • Get rapid notifications after they use particular phrases
  • See all of the content material that incorporates harmful acronyms

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