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Keep Your Child Away From Potential Fraud Calls

Is your child at all times speaking to somebody on call? Kids rising within the smartphone period get early entry to telephones. They’re susceptible to falling prey to scams and potential fraud calls at their gullible and inexperienced age.

Kids are the simplest targets for scammers and evil elements. Because of two components. Firstly, the kids are inexperienced and require extra time to find the scam. Secondly, they’re straightforward to lure. Therefore, it turns into obligatory for parents to observe the decision logs of their kids to stop them from potential fraud smart calls.

In the following article, we’re speaking concerning the forms of telephone call scams and the way parents can save their children.

Potential Fraud Calls: Types Of Phone Scams Your Child Can Get

1. Online Shopping Scam

Scammers discover kids as their best prey for their ill intentions. Teenagers and kids are easily lured by scams like online purchasing or free video games. So, it is easy to fall into online shopping scams. Scammers attain out to the kids through varied sources to draw them to share their bank accounts or private details. This might lead to scams like cyberbullying or identity theft.

They both ship out advertisements for issues luring the kids to purchase them. Once you pay for the product, it by no means will get delivered and the scammer may need your transaction details. They can also appeal to kids to pay for greater ranges or study cheat tips for fashionable video games. Thus, scammers choose other ways to draw kids to click on a false hyperlink, purchase from unknown websites, or play free video games to satisfy their intentions.

2. Social Media Scam

The extensive consumer base of social media serves as a powerful platform for scammers to assault. Kids are susceptible to sharing info on social media. It makes them easy targets for social media scams.

The need for increasingly more popular offers starts a different means of scamming. Getting likes, recognition, and increasing followers are used as bait by scammers to draw kids or teenagers. They might ask for a certain quantity to extend followers on the child’s social media account. Once paid, they acquire many followers and progressively ask for extra, leading to a scam.

3. Identity Theft

This is the most typical type of scamming kids. Through online shopping scams or social media scams, SMS, telephone calls, or emails, scammers lure kids into sharing their private info. This info is additionally misused either to blackmail kids or result in a money scam. Any type of interplay that isn’t safe can contribute to identity theft. At a  younger age, kids should not capable of making out the genuineness of a dialog and have a tendency to share lots of info. This is all used in opposition to identity theft.

4. Scholarship Scam

The funds of high schooling usually fear younger kids about going for scholarships and grants. They begin trying to find varied scholarships and grant choices. Scammers goal these kids by iPhone and Android fraud calls with an alluring grant supply however with a clause for a deposit quantity. Kids usually fall prey to those alluring offers and deposit the quantity. The cheque despatched by the fraudster bounces however the deposited quantity by no means comes again. The info shared whereas making use of these faux scholarships can also contribute to identity theft.

5. Spam Contest Calls

Scammers call their targets with alluring calls like they’ve gained a contest. The contest or luck draw potential fraud calls are the most typical methods opted by the spam callers. These spam callers call their targets and lure them into winning a contest with prizes that might be too good to be true. It is perhaps a LED TV, overseas holidays, an automobile, or an excessive money prize. They ask kids to share private particulars after which use this info for various sorts of fraud like identity theft or financial fraud.

What To Do With Spam Calls?

1. Teach Kids To Not Submit Phone Numbers On Spam Sites

An open dialog with kids all the time works. Parents ought to educate kids about scams and frauds occurring at the moment. They ought to inform them of the significance of cybersecurity and methods to keep away from falling for spam calls. Kids are likely to share info like telephone numbers publicly or on spam websites. Parents can train them to not share their contact info publicly. They ought to train them about spam websites and inform them not to share their telephone numbers on these websites.

Use ikeymonitor To Track And Block Spam Calls On Kid Phones

If you as parents fascinated with how to cease spam calls on your child’s telephone? Parental control apps like iKeyMonitor can come to your rescue. You can set up iKeyMonitor on your child’s telephones and observe their call logs remotely. The parental control app works in hidden mode and doesn’t let your child know of the call monitoring. With the call, log monitoring, characteristic of iKeyMonitor, parents can monitor the incoming and outgoing calls on their child’s telephones. They also can discover the caller’s details. The different added benefit of iKeyMonitor is that parents can determine the spam callers and block them from calling once more on their child’s telephones.

Teach Kids To Never Click Spam Links

Even after common monitoring of call logs kids may fall prey to scams. Their curiosity to know issues or the alluring providers of scammers may appeal to them to click on spam websites. Parents ought to train the kids about spam websites and the way they will fall prey to a scam like identity theft simply by clicking on them. They ought to train kids methods to ensure they believe the site. Parents can educate kids never to click on hyperlinks from untrusted sources. They also can make kids conscious of the strategies the scammers undertake to draw them.


In the mobile-first world, even scammers are adopting alternative ways to satisfy their intentions. Kids are probably the most focused age group for scammers. The younger age and inexperience of kids result in them falling prey to scams. Parents ought to educate kids about these scams to make sure they don’t fall prey to them. Parental control apps like iKeyMonitor can support parents to trace their child’s call logs and save them from any potential telephone fraud calls.

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