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Learn About Instagram Slang, Hashtags, and Abbreviations

Social media platforms are hard sufficient to get the hold off with all of their new options, completely different features, and the near-constant barrage of adverts. Throw in ever-changing slang and you’ve obtained a reasonably tough job of creating a sense of what kids are actually talking about. The worst half? While some elements of meme and slang tradition are shared throughout social media, many phrases are particular to a single app! This implies that Instagram slang may differ from Snapchat slang.

You’re most likely wondering, “What on earth are they actually saying? Is it good? Bad? Funny? Concerning?” We’re right here that will help you decipher the unusual, complicated world of Instagram slang. To assist households, we’ve compiled a listing of probably the most widespread Instagram slang phrases. Though it’s not exhaustive, this listing will allow you to understand the context of informal conversations. We’ve separated sections of the listing by matter or kind of Instagram slang for straightforward reference sooner or later!

Instagram Slang Words: Acronyms to Know

AMA — “Ask me anything” is used when somebody plans to honestly and straight reply to questions on one thing private. AMA is usually used to begin an extended dialog or remark thread.

IMO — “In my opinion” is an Instagram slang word that helps users clarify that they’re merely providing their own viewpoint. It’s considerably just like how “no offense” or “honestly” can be used throughout an in-person dialog.

TMW — “That moment when” describes a response proven within the particular picture, GIF, or video that was shared. Most users say “TMW” to point to a look of shock, delight, disappointment, or one other robust emotion.

MFW — “My face when” is almost similar to “TMW” in that it’s an option to comically point out the facial expressions of somebody proven in a shared piece of media.

H/T  — “Hat tip” is a means of acknowledging another person for a hyperlink, picture, meme, or different piece of shared content.

SMH — “Shake my head” expresses disapproval of somebody or something.

MIRL — “Me in real life” usually refers to how the poster or commentator can deeply relate to the content of the submission.

WCW — “Woman crush Wednesday” is a basic hashtag trend used when somebody posts content material highlighting a lady they particularly admire or aspire to be like resulting from skilled status, health, and so on.

L4L —  “Like for like” lets customers present that they’ll give a like for each social media as they obtain. This could be an option to shortly increase somebody’s profile and exercise.

MCM — “Man crush Monday” is strictly identical to WCW, however for males.

TBT — “Throwback Thursday” highlights content material that’s personally important from the previous, or that refers to a very memorable second in the historical past (together with memes, cultural tendencies, and so on.).

FBF — “Flashback Friday” is identical to TBT, besides that content material is posted on Friday.

F4F — “Follow for follow” is similar to L4L, however, refers to following a user’s social media account as a substitute for liking content.

Instagram Slang for Platform Use

DM — Short for “direct message,” this acronym is usually used within the phrase “slide into their DMs.” This implies that they tried to nonchalantly privately message somebody that they’re interested in, or that somebody did the identical thing to them.

IGer — “IGer” is simply another phrase used to explain somebody who makes use of Instagram.

#nofilter — People use #nofilter when a picture is posted with no modifying or filters. It usually seems with photos or movies that talk to self-worth or self-image, or in moments of private vulnerability.

Kik me — “Kik me” is a means of claiming that you just wish to join with somebody on Kik, which is another — and far more harmful — social media platform.

For Slang Phrase, What Should We Do

You would possibly see these Instagram slang phrases utilized in posts, captions, DMs, hashtags, and feedback. If it feels daunting to trace and decode your child’s online actions yourself, think about using an instrument like iKeyMonitor for a sensible perception of your child’s online exercise. In addition to content material monitoring, Bark additionally offers parents a deeper understanding of their child’s moods and total well-being by monitoring sentiment throughout units and accounts — from electronic mail and texts to apps and social media. Interested? You can attempt it immediately without cost.

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