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What Should You Do If Your Child Is Being Groomed On Viber?

Some parents are anxious because their kids spend excessive time on social media, whereas others are involved in using social media for their children. Issues are virtually identical and have related impacts. What should you do if your child is being groomed on Viber?

In this blog, we are going to discuss grooming and sexual exploitation, how these are linked, and the way Viber is the goal of culprits who exploit children. In the end, we are going to focus on how parents can take good measures to stop grooming and sexual exploitation to preserve their children’s safe and guard.

What is Child Grooming?

According to the research, child grooming is to arrange teenagers and kids for sexual conduct at a later time. This very basic definition says lots of issues.

  • The first point to know is that kids are ready. Who prepares them? There are so many people who find themselves engaged in this business. They deploy varied choices like utilizing social media and the internet.
  • The second point is what the goal and the definition reveal its sexual exploitation. In different phrases, online grooming is all about making ready children and youths to carry out sexual acts with them.
  • The third point which could be very alarming is the time. The definition says kids are ready in order that they can be utilized at any time later. In reality, this point has essentially the most points which can even discuss.

Reports and analysis research have been finished on the grooming and sexual exploitation of children. This has an extended history which isn’t our area of focus. The most alarming issue is that teenagers and kids have no idea they’re being groomed for sexual exploitation. They take it something else.

Examples of Sexual Grooming in Child

It turns into pertinent to clarify the intense subject with examples. Below are a couple of examples that allow you to understand what grooming is and the way it’s done.

  • Conventional grooming is done by giving gifts and presents to the kids and children. It is completed in an effort to win the heart and favor of children.
  • But nowadays, social media is used for this function too. On the apps like Viber, WhatsApp, and others- people send sexual pictures, transfer them, and send presents to their addresses.
  • The culprits additionally attempt to incite children sexually. Like the attempt to make bodily contact in order that kids can really feel it.
  • Sending nude pictures, photos, or exposing teenagers to nudity after pretending that it occurred by mistake. This is an apparent signal which might inform in case your child is being groomed.
  • Lastly, coercive measures like pressure or threats are additionally used to control the children and preserve them of their zones. Culprits use such techniques as effectively.

How Does Child Sexual Grooming Happen?

As we’ve talked about child sexual grooming and a number of examples, now you will need to perceive the method of grooming. The beneath factors clarify what sort of strategies is used when it comes to grooming.

  1. Targeting- In this method, selective kids are focused primarily based on their looks, features, and sexual curiosity. People who do grooming discover such kids with ease who they will put together for sexual relationships.
  2. Relationship Building- Lots of people attempt to provoke relationships with children. Their goal might not apparently be dangerous however they’ve serious intentions which can exploit the kids for sexual relationships.
  3. Victimization- This method means the teenagers and kids are by some means controlled. Their personal photos could also be used to exploit them and prepare them for sexual issues.
  4. Viber- This app is broadly used for grooming. It allows the people to speak with the children, share content, and pictures, and alter their mindset to get them prepared for sexual exploitation.

Signs of Child Grooming

Want to know the indicators in case your child is being groomed for sexual exploitation? Let us discover the symptoms.

  1. Your child could also be lacking in school, lessons, and work.
  2. Kids will disguise the place they’ve been and never inform the reality about their locations.
  3. Kids are often dishonest in every part when they’re groomed.
  4. They could have a relationship with an older person.
  5. Talking about pals or people who don’t belong to their social circles.
  6. Kids could have a lot of money, however, will disguise it from parents.
  7. Using the cellphone excessively and on a daily foundation.
  8. Being picked up by somebody who the parents have never met.
  9. Having new telephones, garments, and equipment.
  10. Not prepared to inform about their whereabouts to the parents.

Viber and Grooming

Viber is among the extensively used social media apps. It works like WhatsApp and has virtually the same options. This app is broadly used among teenagers and kids for communication. It permits users to speak to others, ship pictures, make audio and video calls and share information. Even, reports say Viber has led to the rise in cybersex trafficking at an alarming rate.

There is little question that there are various results of dangerous parenting on teenagers. When parents have no idea about technology and preserve their eyes on their children, such issues occur. Viber is utilized by people who find themselves wanting for their targets. They discuss with teenagers and girls via this app. It is simple to use.

Measures to Curb Grooming and Sexual Exploitation

The discussion above reveals that child grooming is among the most harmful issues which might happen to any child or teen. For this purpose, it turns into essential to regulate it and stop the children from being groomed. Following are a few of the strategies which parents can take in this regard.

Identify Grooming

The first and most necessary step is to seek out if your child is being groomed. We have listed a number of indicators that might help you identify this problem. In case, your child is being groomed; you need to process further.

Talk to Your Children About Grooming

The next step needs to be to speak to your kids about grooming. As you speak, attempt to see when you can identify any of the indicators talked about above. Kids will attempt to disguise everything so you need to be prepared for this.

Report Child Grooming to the Police

If you get proof and discover something genuine, you need to report the problem to the police. However, it may be a dangerous step. It can even have an effect on the lifetime of your child and the perpetrators might be behind you and target you.

Resort to ikeymonitor App

If you see everything has failed and you can not know whether or not your child is being groomed or not, you shouldn’t lose hope. We have an answer for this. And that’s the iKeyMonitor app. With this android spying, you’ll find in case your child is getting used to sexual relationships.

The app permits you to monitor the cellphone of your child, spy on their text messages, examine Viber app chat and messages, get entry to the pictures and media, monitor their internet history, and do different stuff. With these proofs, you’ll find every part. It is an ideal resolution for parents.


Child grooming is on the rise and kids are getting used to sexual exploitation. Parents ought to take be aware, establish if their kids are being groomed, and use the ikeymonitor app to trace it out.

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